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My husband and I were very lucky to have a daughter within the first year of our marriage. We loved our little girl so much and we both felt that our family wasn’t yet complete. Even though I suffered from a Post partum mood disorder for a couple of years after the birth, we decided to try to have another baby. I got pregnant right away – I was so happy and I started showing very quickly. Sadly, ultrasounds at 13 weeks revealed that the embryo had ceased growing at 9 weeks. I was in shock and completely devastated.  I thought that all was fine since I had passed the first trimester and looked pregnant. The following days remains a blur to me. We opted to terminate the pregnancy medically (with medication) but that decision nearly cost me my life. After a surgery, ultrasounds, blood transfusions and a lot of crying, I was sent home.  I had support from my family and friends and that helped me heal. The following year, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. My family is finally complete!  I now strive to help other women who are grieving the loss of a pregnancy and or baby and women dealing with a Post Partum Mood Disorder. 

Annie P.

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